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Introducing the HVC Board of Directors for the 2017-2018 curling season!


Look for them around the club, and if you have concerns or comments, they would be happy to discuss them with you.



  Name    Position
  Gordon Howarth -  President
  Dan Aquin -  Director of Membership
  Jo-Ann Barton -  Director of Communications
  Peter Cross -  Treasurer
  Cathy Frontain -  Director of Marketing
  Ted Gill -  Director of Capital Projects
  Larry Marriott -  Director of Maintenance
  Rob Urquhart -  Ice Committee Chair
  Chris Vollick - Director of Digital & Online Marketing


Other Participating Indviduals

Name & Email Link 
  Bar Manager
 Rob Urquhart
 Dan Aquin
Learn to Curl League - League Convenors
 Ed Faulknor
 John Dudzic
 Larry Marriott
 Senior Mens - Recreational - League President
 Senior Mens - Competitive - Competitive Co-ordinator
 Senior Mens - Interclub Visitations
 Gary Rogerson
 Keith Cameron
 Anne Howarth
 Mixed Recreational - League Convenors
   Day Ladies - League Convenor

 Mike Oda
 Ralph Villenueve
 Kylie Orchard

 Choose Your Own Team - Open - League Convenors
 Gord Howarth LGBTQ - League Convenors
 Karen Watson
 Tim Aquin
 Choose Your Own Team - Mixed - League Convenors
 Carmelinda DelConte  Little Rocks - League Convenor
 Carmelinda DelConte U-18 and U-21 - League Convenor

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