Fridays @ 8:30 pm.  Open to LGBTQ curlers and their allies at every level!  Instruction will be provided for beginners and teams will be arranged from those who are present each night.  You are never too young or too old to start!  For further information, please contact the club or the league convenor(s) as shown below.


Days & Times Fridays at 8:30pm
Contact / Convenors

Gord Howarth 

Draw Schedule Recreational teams are created on a per game bases from the league members present at the start of each draw.

Curling Canada General Rules (click here for a pdf copy) - modified as the league requires.

Current Standings Not provided
A message from The Club President:
  • We will start the league with a lesson night on Oct 20th, and evolve over the first few weeks with a mixture of lesson and games.
  • The league itself will be set up such that teams are made up each week based on who shows up.
  • In addition there are curling clinics at 10:00 am on Saturday Oct 14th and Saturday Oct 21st.  These are open to everyone and are a great start for people who have never set foot on curling ice as well as more experienced curlers.
  • The club provides curling brooms, and the only thing curlers need are a CLEAN pair of shoes and loose fitting clothing.  It is cold on the ice, so sweaters are recommended.


Joining Options.

  • $149.00 plus HST ($168.37) signs you up till Christmas in the Friday night league.  You are then welcome at club events such as the curling clinic and in house bonspiels (curling tournaments).  After Christmas, if you like the experience you pay the balance of the “1 league fee” which is ($410 - $149 = $261.00 + $50.00 building fee +$40.43 HST totally $350.43)
  • Alternatively for the same fee, people could join the “learn to Curl” league which runs on Tuesday nights starting Nov 7th and runs for 6 weeks, and then move over to the Friday night league.  This league has limited spaces so I would suggest you sign up early if you want to follow this route.  The Learn to Curl Program is a slower more defined process of learning to curl, and is not required as many people start in our Monday night league with no experience, but some people feel more comfortable with the slower approach.
  • The club is always happy to have you bypass the $149 intro to curling option and just sign up for the year which is ($410 + $50 building fee + HST  $59.80 = $519.80 total)
  • NOTE anyone 27 years of age or under as of December 31st is an “intermediate” and the full league fee is $290.00 + HST of $37.30 for a total of $327.30  (the 149 intro rate will be subtracted from this amount)
  • The completed registration form with cheque can be mailed to the club (568 King St. East, Hamilton, ON L8N 1E2) or dropped off whenever the club is open.
  • Please use this Membership Registration Form to join the league.

The club will be open 

  • Wednesday Sept 13th at 7:00 (registration nights for other leagues to which we would love to have you… see our Leagues and our Membership pages for explanations of the other leagues
  • Tuesday Oct 3rd at 7:00 the Day Ladies are sponsoring a Wine and Cheese social for the female members of our club.
  • Tuesday Oct 10th through Friday Oct  13th from 7 - 10 pm is our Open House Week and open practice ice
  • Free Learn to Curling Clinic Saturday Oct 14th from 10 am untill 2 pm


The Vic is a volunteer run organization.  As part of our introduction of this league we are waving the $50.00 volunteer fee for this year.  This fee is usually charged at the start of the season, and refunded as people volunteer throughout the year.  We hope that the league will grow and your support and participation in the running of the club will grow with the league.

Dates to Remember:

  • Oct 14th and Oct 21st.  Curling clinics at 10:00 am
  • Friday Oct 20th at 8:30  league starts
  • Saturday Oct 28th Opening Bonspiel 
  • Saturday Dec 9th – Turkey Bonspiel
  • Both these events are great for new curlers.  They run during the day on the Saturday. Sign up sheets will be posted in the bar area.


If I have missed anything please let me know.  Look forward to getting the league going, please share the info as the more people the better.


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