Senior Mens

This league accepts entries from individual male players who are 55 years of age and older.  League members have a wide range of skill levels, from first year players to experienced curlers.

Recreational pick-up games occur on Mondays and Thursdays at 10am.  Teams are arranged from the members present at the start of each draw.

Also on Thursday afternoons, a mixed game occurs when the Day Ladies join the Senior Men at 1pm.  
Days & Times Mondays at 10am (rec)
Thursdays at 10am (rec) and 1pm (with the Day Ladies)
Contact / Convenors

Ed Faulknor - League President
John Dudzic - Competitive Co-ordinator
Larry Marriott - Interclub Visitations

Draw Schedule Recreational teams are created on a per game bases from the league members present at the start of each draw.

Curling Canada General Rules (click here for a pdf copy) - modified as the league requires.

Current Standings Not provided

Please note:

Lockers are not included with Senior Mens' Recreational league membership.  Gentlemen who wish to use a locker are required to pay a $20 annual rental fee.

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